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Inclusive curriculum design ensures that all students are provided with an equitable and supportive learning environment that affords them the opportunity to thrive irrespective of their backgrounds. This course is designed to build the competencies of educators to successfully incorporate inclusive practices in the curriculum that provide a level playing field to various types of learners. Discussions on social-emotional learning, cultural awareness, language of instruction, differentiated instruction and assessment, learning styles, diverse content, inclusive pedagogy, and global instructional trends will be the mainstays of the course.

Key takeaways of the course

The participants will be able to:

  • Examine curriculum development principles for inclusive education
  • Investigate various learning styles for accommodation in the curriculum
  • Explore social-emotional themes for curricular integration
  • Inspect the role of medium of instruction as an important determinant for inclusivity
  • explore multi layered instructional content and techniques for various types of learners
  • demonstrate the use of differentiated assessment for different types of learners
  • appraise flexible learning models to increase student autonomy
  • examine digital media and 21st century learning tools to create universally designed learning experiences


1Inclusive curriculum design2 hours
2Learning styles2 hours
3Social emotional integration in curriculum2 hours
4Differentiated instruction2 hours
5Multilayered assessments2 hours
6Language of instruction2 hours
7Digitalization and curriculum2 hours
8Autonomous learning models2 hours

Course Structure

Course Hours: 16 hours of instruction + 1 hour of weekly reading/assignment + end of course project
Weekly engagement: 4 hours per week
Total Hours: 16 hours (4 hours a week)
Duration of course: 4 week
Fee of the course: PKR 15,000 (can be paid in installments)
Timings: Tuesday & Thursday 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Starting from: 11th June 2024 


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