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As the world develops a more skill based orientation in learning and management, it is important to embrace the skills that improve working capacities and efficiency and help in creating effective workplace cultures. The certificate course in People & Stakeholder Management Skills will enable participants to become change leaders in their organizations through a concentrated focus on professional and soft skills development.


The objectives of the course are to enable participants to:

  •   recognize the drivers of organizational change
  •   analyze key skills that make self and organizations more professional
  •   examine personal attributes for the development of soft skills
  •   become change leaders in their organizations

Modular Approach

  • There are 6 modules offered in this certificate course on People & Stakeholder Management Skills
  • The modules will follow a more hands-on approach through sharing of case studies, authentic examples and collaborative work models

Who can attend?
Entry level and mid- career professionals

Total modules: 6

Duration of module:
3 hours
Total Duration of Certificate Course: 18 hours

Course Price:
Individual: 30,000
Organization: 37,500 per person (Inclusive of all taxes)

Schedule of Sessions

Modules Topics Date Days Time
1 Key skills for emerging leaders 11th May Thursday 3:00pm – 6:00pm
2 Personal  supervision  and  workforce management 12th May Friday 3:00pm – 6:00pm
3 Mindfulness and time management 13th May Saturday 10:00am – 1:00pm
4 Using  emotional  intelligence  for  conflict resolution 18th May Thursday 3:00pm – 6:00pm
5 Creating positive work culture 19th May Friday 3.00 pm – 6.00pm
6 Developing effective communication Skills 20th May Saturday 10:00am – 1:00pm

Learning Outcomes and Description

No. Titles Duration Learning Outcomes  Description
1 Key skills for emerging leaders 3 hours
  • Identify the essential skills for effective leadership
  • Examine self-leadership in the light of various leadership models
  • Inspect skills that help in keeping teams motivated and efficient
  • Maximize organizational performance through team-centric culture
Developing able leaders is vital for the growth and sustainability of organizations. The module will help participants analyze vital leadership attributes and make them examine their own leadership styles against the backdrop of various leadership models practiced at large. It will also help them develop attributes necessary for a democratic workplace culture. The module will also stress the importance of human behavior, emotions and other skills that are crucial determinants in shaping effective and efficient leadership.
2 Personal supervision and workforce management 3 hours
  • Examine strategies for effective personal and team management
  • Set common goals for organizational development
  • Consider the role of the team leader as crucial to team management
  • Identify conflicts and issues that may affect team management
Effective team management leads to the development of a professional workplace ethics and is reflective of a cohesive workplace ambience. The module will apprise participants about the strategies to develop a strong team for effective productivity.  It will also highlight the crucial role a team leader plays in team management and conflict resolution.
3 Mindfulness and Time management 3 hours
  • Identify time wasters and stress triggers that reduce work efficiency
  • Examine strategies that promote effective use of time
  • Demonstrate goal-setting and prioritizing activities for effective productivity
  • Construct coping mechanisms to ward off stress
Time management is an effective tool to increase workplace productivity. The module will enable participants to reflect on and enhance key skills such as planning ahead, meeting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, multitasking, managing resources effectively for effective time management and better organizational output.
4 Using emotional intelligence for conflict resolution 3 hours
  • Determine the importance of work ethics and teamwork
  • Classify emotional management traits
  • Examine conflict management skills
  • Practice strategies that resolve workplace conflicts
Conflict management and negotiation are the processes of removing cognitive barriers to agreement. The module will highlight the social conflicts and seek solutions to address them by using emotional intelligence. It will also apprise the participants about skills and strategies that help in managing conflicts.
5 Creating positive work culture 3 hours
  • Examine the essentials of a professional workplace culture
  • Examine factors that contribute to positive workplace culture and job satisfaction
  • Consider human traits that contribute towards positivity
  • Develop an action plan to improve workplace attitudes
Positive workplace attitudes and behaviours are essential for the successful running of organizations. The module will evaluate the essential processes that develop positive attitudes and regulate high performance at work places. Furthermore, it will stress the need to focus on professional attitudes as determinants of a radiant organizational culture.
6 Developing effective communication skills 3 hours
  • Examine the purpose of communication
  • Identify the key essentials in making good presentations
  • Examine the barriers that affect oral presentation skills
  • Inspect the process of professional communication
  • Write business messages for different contexts.
Communication is an important skill for successful business correspondence. The module will outline the essential skills for effective communication and make participants analyze the processes involved in professional communication. It will also enable them to practice various genres of professional communication.

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