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Educational Reforms & Research

Educational reforms and research improve academic programs and inform practices by raising quality standards in education

Teacher Development & Training

Skilled and well-trained teaching staff is the key to bringing excellence in teaching and learning.

Curriculum Development & Planning

A well-planned curriculum, based on local and contemporary needs, ensures the preparation of well-rounded and global citizens

Corporate Training

Organizations reach professional standing through professionals who are well versed in contemporary workplace skills

English Proficiency

Adeptness in communication increases self-worth and opens doors to better prospects in life

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Course starts on
11th June 2024

The course will enable participants to:

    - Examine curriculum development principles for inclusive education.
    - Investigate various learning styles for accommodation in the curriculum.
    - Explore social-emotional themes for curricular integration.
    - Inspect the role of medium of instruction as an important determinant for inclusivity.
    - explore multi layered instructional content and techniques for various types of learners.
    - demonstrate the use of differentiated assessment for different types of learners.
    - appraise flexible learning models to increase student autonomy.
    - examine digital media and 21st century learning tools to create universally designed learning experiences.

Certificate Course

Inclusive Curriculum Design

Join our Inclusive Curriculum Design course! It empowers educators to create a fair and inclusive learning space for all students, regardless of their backgrounds.
Equip yourself with the tools to build an inclusive classroom. Enroll now and transform your teaching approach!


Days & Timing:
Tuesday & Thursday (3:30-5:30 pm)
Course Hours:
16 hours of instruction + 1 hour of weekly reading/assignment + end-of-course project


Course Information

Six Modules (3 hour each) for entry level and mid-career professionals

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Certificate Course in “People and Stakeholder Management Skills”
Message from CEO & Managing Partner

Dr. Fatima Rehan Dar

With the rapid advancement and transformation in the world economies, there is a shift in the way educational and professional excellence is envisioned in the 21st century. The 21st century demands educational principles to be based on key skills that foster critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, technological literacy, leadership and social skills. In order to keep pace with the changing realities, it is incumbent to redesign and restructure the philosophies that drive the educational processes and think of essential educational reforms, curriculum designs and teacher development models for better alignment with the changing local and global landscapes. At the same time, there is a dire need to develop a new skill set among professionals and youth so that they can be comprehensively trained for a better tomorrow.

1 + Yrs.
Experience in Training & Development
1 +
1 +
Expert Team
12 June 2023

Diploma course in
Teaching and Learning
in Collaboration with Learn Academy

Learn Academy has taken accreditation of Diploma in Teaching and Learning from Skill Development Council, Canada. This comprehensive program has been designed for teachers to improve their pedagogical practices. The course follows a blended learning instructional approach with incorporation of recorded lecture videos, online and face to face sessions. 

Teaching & Learning Diploma Course
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